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Zarzuela, has born from the will, fo taking the best pastry to all tables.
Our concept focus in that we can have a good meal and regimented, timeless and  enjoyable. In the 48 years old of experience and evolution we have comming do develop continuously, our concern to offer wich time more and more, food products that dignify the portuguese gastronomy.

Zarzuela’s modernity, bases in creating our products with receips form our rannies time. We existe because our customers demand us to serve them a healthy and taste food. We love what we do, and we know that you want.

Eat well! Eat with apettite and enjoye the true meaning of a good meal!

Eat Zarzuela! Eat Well!

Rua Bernardinho Costa 23
1200-052 Lisboa
Phone: +351 216 052 532
(Call cost to national fixed network)
Cellphone: +351 934 974 811
(Call cost to national mobile network)
I have read and accept the privacy policy

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Who We Are

Zarzuela pastry. With 48 years old of experience, making products with own receip, traditional, light, diethetic, no gluten and no lactose, this is one of the certified houses with APC, and the “quality stamp” “allergy-friendly” in Lisbon. Zarzuela is the ideal place for customers with allergy, also with lastose intolerance or with restric diets and search the quality in plastry with no colateral damadges for health. Beside the pastry and the restaurant, you can also experiment delicious ice creams, snacks e take the most pleausre form Zarzuela Juice Bar.